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 Techno Metal Post’s helical piers are manufactured right here in North America. They are screwed into the ground using a proprietary machinery specifically designed by our engineers to provide you with an accurate measurement which is tested and validated right on site. We have developed a way to give you the exact bearing capacity of our helical pier you require for your structure. Our helical piers are designed, engineered and tested to the highest standards to ensure they withstand the toughest loads and conditions possible. Our helical piers are perfect for all kind of applications; Decks, Solar Arrays, Boardwalks, Buildings, and many more.  

Building a multilevel deck


Techno Metal post helical piers provide the solid foundation required for a steel framed multilevel deck and second floor patios in this Professional Deck Builder article

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Supporting heavy pipes


Techno Metal Post - South Jersey was approached to support concrete pipes and metal trash bins in a protected wetlands area, the project is explained in this Pile Buck article. 

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Building a Deck on Grade


Helical piers and a trenched beam provide solid support for a curved ground-level deck in this Professional Deck Builder article featuring Techno Metal Post helical piers. 

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Time to consider helical piers


 Techno Metal Post of South Central Pennsylvania, was featured in an article in the May issue of Fine Homebuilding Magazine.  The article presents several examples of applications Hess has completed over the many years he has been installing helical piles and anchors. 

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Building a boardwalk


Professional Deck Builder Magazine featured an article on the construction of a large boardwalk built on Round Lake just north of Albany, NY.  Techno Metal Post of Albany was awarded the contract to install the helical piles to support the boardwalk.  The project spanned several seasons that created many challenges and necessitated some creative thinking and solutions by the installers. 

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