Techno Metal Post helical piers can provide you with solid and lasting foundations for all your architectural projects. Are you looking for a foundation structure to support a deck, a house, a building or a solar array? We have the helical pier foundation system that fits your needs.

In the case of low-bearing capacity soils, helical piers can be installed to support an existing structure. Our engineering department can assist you in selecting the helical piers best suited to your projects.  It can issue the necessary documents and certificates of compliance. Learn more about our product certifications

You will find the specifications of all our piers and anchors in our Technical Specifications below.
Helical pier and bracket drawings are available on our.PDF, .DWG ,and .DXF format for you to incorporate into your architectural and engineering plans. 

Techno Metal Post also offers free information sessions for professionals. They address different aspects of helical piers, principles and standards, installation machinery, load test bench, application examples, etc.

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